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CATEGORY:   Antibiotics

product details

Ø   Contains Clarithromycin, Tinidazole and Lansoprazole
Ø   A pronged approach to ulcer treatment using an antibiotic, 
      anti-infective & proton pump inhibitor.
Ø   Treatment objective is to reduce the secretion of acid through a proton 
       pump inhibitor (Lansoprazole) and eradicate H.Pylori (bacteria responsible
       for delaying ulcer healing) through the synergistic action 
      of 2 anti-infectives(Clarithromycin and Tinidazole).
Ø   Lansoprazole has been proven to be superior to Omeprazole in 
      the treatment of GERD
Ø   Metronidazole has increasingly come under 
      resistance hence Tinidazole is preferred.
Ø   Cost effective multifaceted approach in the 
      treatment of Peptic and Duodenal Ulcers.