GILANOX® Sulphadoxine and pyrimethamine


Composition:  Gilanox is available as tablets each containing
Sulphadoxine          USP        500mg
Pyrimethamine        USP        25mg
Excipients                                 q.s

  • Indications:  
    Gilanox is indicated for treatment of all forms of malaria due to P. falciparium, P. vivax, P. malaria It is also indicated for suppressive and prophylactic management particularly in areas where resistance to chloroquine is known to exist.
    Gilanox is contraindicated during pregnancy. If pregnancy cannot be excluded possible risks should be balanced against the therapeutic effect.
    Gilanox should not be used in cases of intolerance to sulphonamides and in new born or premature infants.
    Dosage and administration:                               

    1. Curative treatment for

    Adults                                                     2or 3 tablets
    9-14 years                                               2tablets
    4-8 years                                                 1 tablet
    Children under 4years                             ½ tablet

    1.  Suppressive or prophylactic treatment for adults:

    2 or 3 tablets once every 2 to 4 weeks
    Children: every 2 to 4 weeks take
    9-14 years                                               2 tablets
    4-8 years                                                 1 tablet
    Under 4 years                                          ½ tablet.

    Side Effects:
    Gilanox is well tolerated in recommended doses. Side effect in form of skin reactions or gastrointestinal disorder may occasionally occur. The drug should be withdrawn if reactions are