Brand Name:         Lever

Generic Name:       Artesunate
Dosage form/ Strength:     Tablet 50mg
Pharmacology and Indications:   Artesunate is an artemisinin derivative from the ‘sweet wormwood plant’ known as Artemisia annua. It is very potent against the asexual forms of plasmodium, schizonts and gametocytes.

  • Lever is used for the treatment of malaria caused by P. falciparium and P. vivax and also for the emergency treatment of critical cases.

    Contraindication:     For now, no recorded contraindication is reported, however, this drug must not be used in cases of hypersensitivity to Artesunate.

    Interactions: In order to avoid possible interactions between severe medicines, you should always inform your doctor or Pharmacist about any treatment that you are taking.
    Warnings and Precautions:

    • Do not exceed the stated dose
    • Do not use this medicine without medical advice especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy.
    • It is not known whether this drug passes into the maternal milk, so do not give to breast-feeding women.

    Overdosage:  In case of overdosage, you should stop the treatment and consult a Doctor or Pharmacist.
    Dosage:  2 tablets morning and evening the first day and 1 tablet morning and evening from the 2nd day to 5th day.
    Children:  2mg/kg morning and evening the first day and 1mg/kg morning and evening from the 2nd       day to 5th day.
    Presentation:  Pack of 12 white scored tablets.