Q What do your products offer above competition?

Our products are unique and tailored to meet specific needs of our consumers. They are readily available and affordable.

Q Where can your products be purchased?

Our products can be purchased from our Distributors Nation wide (see list) and in all leading pharmaceutical retail outlets.

Q How do you safeguard your products from faking?

Our products distribution channel is well monitored by all our Managers and Reps nationwide. Strict stock level control, sales monitoring and consumer reactions are key to this effort. Pharma-covigillance is carried out for each of our products in our sales and marketing operations

Q What are your plans on manufacturing in Nigeria?

We would be manufacturing a reasonable amount of our products within the shortest possible time. Already work is at advanced stage at the factory site.

Q Are all your products registered with NAFDAC?

All our products are registered with NAFDAC and also undergo independent tests with reputable laboratories in the country

Q Malaria is said to be the greatest killer of Under-5 children. How does your company support the fight against malaria?

In our antimalarial formulations, we have presented our products uniquely to identify with the perculiar circumstance of children.  The following uniqueness has contributed in fighting the malaria scourge.

  1. Sweet vanilla flavor in all children antimalarials.
  2. Unit dosage is sustained; the powder is constituted and taken at once leaving no room for contamination and storage.
  3.  Instant fever and other symptom clearance.
  4. Accurate dosing and ease of administration.
  5. No water/Light catalyzed degradation on standing for days.

All these lead to prompt resolution of clinical and parasitological symptoms of malaria in children