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As most ladies would have realized, the menstrual journey is not usually a smooth one; there are periods of irregular menses in the early stages, period of “hold ups” either due to pregnancy, medical issues etc; periods of apprehension and bumpiness in the journey sometimes represented by infertility when the woman prays the next menses should not come just as converse is true for those who felt disappointed with “missing period”.

Anyhow the journey goes, it has a definite starting point – the menarche, which is the medical terminology for the first menses, and a definite terminal point when menses ceases to flow altogether – the menopause. which actually refers to the last menstrual “flow”

The menopause is the the last menstrual period of a woman. However, beyond the cessation of menses, menopause is generally viewed as the time of life leading up to, and after, the last menstrual period.. Thus to some, it is referred to as the change of life.


Physiologically speaking, menopa...

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Home remedies

Raphael lay down in his room in total darkness. He had drawn the curtains closed and  made sure no lights were seeping into the room through the windows. As he lay there on his bed, he silently prayed the severe pain at the side of his head would go away. This was the longest period the pain has lasted, four days  straight. He sighed. Raphael’s mind went back to that fateful day it all started 10 years ago.

Four of his friends Nelson, Chris, Ola and Solomon had come to his house to watch the match featuring their favorite clubs. The game had just started and as usual they began to argue on scores and the best players in the game. Suddenly without warning, Raphael felt a severe throbbing at the side of his head. He let out a scream startling his friends. He continued screaming .”Am dying o . Am dying o” Confused , his friends asked what was wrong. All efforts to get him to talk was to no avail as Raphael kept screaming and then he passed out.

When he regained consciousness he found he was in  hospital and his friends around him with no smiles on their faces.  Raphael let out a weak smile and whispered ” So i didn’t die after all” His friends Scowled at him just then the doctor came in.Raphael was diagnosed with Migraine …….


A migraine headache  causes i...

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Has it ever occurred to you that your finger nails say a lot about your health? Clues bout your over all health and lifestyle can be revealed in your finger nails, just like our skin and hair, our fingernails are always growing. And when our bodies are under stress, there may be signs of it in our nails. health issues such as problems in the Liver, Lungs and Heart can show up in the finger nails. For instance , Finger nails that contain little colour or pigment (pale nails) can sometimes be a sign of serious illness such as Anemia, congestive heart failure, Liver disease and malnutrition.

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Rheumatoid arthritis

Its Friday evening ,Mrs Woods has just returned from work. Immediately she steps into the house,she  drops her hand bag on the couch in the living room and set to preparing the evening meal . she washed the fresh vegetables she had bought from the market on her way home and rinses the cutting board then begins to slice the vegetables. Half way into slicing she begins to feel this burning pain creeping slowly up her fingers ,into her wrists moving up her elbows. Mrs woods shakes her hand rotates her wrists ,shifts her position and then resumes her slicing but her stiff  fingers just refused to continue the slicing disobeying her almost as if they have a will of their own. Mrs woods drops the knife and stares helplessly at the half cut vegetables . This is not the first time this is happening , just last week the same experience had happened at the office while she was working at her computer leaving her with severe pain and puffy fingers. She picks up her knife ignoring the burning pain that has now lodged in her shoulders and begins to force her body to work as it should . Thinking her enemies must be at work,they must have known somehow that she had planned on preparing a very delicious meal for her husband and they are now trying to stop her? never! she began to whisper prayers binding and loosing every strong hold of her  “enemy” that had captured her fingers , wrist and elbow and now her shoulder.It was in th...

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CAMOSUNATE Press Ad (Full Page Col)

Malaria has long been the major cause of illness and death World wide. The disease remains a major threat to health in countries prone to it. Malaria also appears to be the most dreaded disease in third world countries, yet though not many know it, the disease, as simple as it sounds, and as common as its symptoms are, is a giant killer, especially among third world rural dwellers. Expectant mothers and infants are the two most Malaria preys. Infant mortality rate traceable to Malaria was probably music to the ears of residents of Ogudu area of Lagos months ago until a young nursing mother painfully lost her four weeks old baby girl to the disease.

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Mr Emmanuel Umenwa. MD/CEO Geneith Pharm Limited

Among pharmaceutical companies with research and development initiatives in Nigeria today is Geneith Pharmaceuticals. Incorporated in the year 2000 as a private limited liability company, the main business of the company is distribution of drugs and pharmaceuticals with standards above the bar, in the quest for value additions to the health and quality of life of Nigerians. The Company’s products, including Camosunate ACT Anti-Malarial, its flagship brand, are all NAFDAC registered and currently sourced from various overseas pharmaceutical Companies with GMP certification...

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We all are familiar with the popular saying “Water has no enemy”. Water is the “sine qua non” to life. Give a thirsty man a glass of water he  will be grateful to you. Some one once said that water is a faithful and loyal servant in the sense that it quenches our thirsts, washes our body, clothes and so on. Everyone  loves water and water loves everyone! Well…not everyone.

Due to a very rare form of allergy , a 26 -year old British woman Rachel Prince has to avoid all contact with water ,even the tinniest drop. you ask why? Rachel has a rare condition called Aquatic Pruritus. Rachel is ALLERGIC TO WATER! The 26 year old woman has to avoid all contact with water because even the tinniest drop can cause excruciating pain...

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Imagine being told by a doctor that a twin, your twin, one you never knew u had, exists inside you.  Mind blowing isn’t it? Or let’s put it this way: you get married; have children only to be told by a doctor that you cannot possibly be the mother of your kids? Scary right?

Thanks to a medical condition, a Washington state woman found out that pregnancy was not enough to prove motherhood; DNA testing indicated that she was, in fact, not the mother of her own children. So who was she?


The Discovery(2005) documentary first introduces Lydia Fairchild , a Caucasian single mother with two young children and pregnant with a third, applying to receive welfare aid for her family during the course of a desperate battle to retain  custody of her three children after being separa...

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