There is no price for guessing how the rich and mighty celebrate their birthdays; with pomp, pageantry, and panache.

In some cases, Full page paid congratulatory messages in major national dailies starts pouring in a day before the event. Various Committees and Sub Committees are set up saddled with the task of organizing a “befitting” birthday celebration with budget running into millions of naira.

The event itself will be a show stopper with pre and post media frenzy.
There will be gifts, lots and lots of them from fellow bourgeoisie to one of their own. The event will be talked about for months on end.

For Mr. Emmanuel Umenwa, The Chairman /CEO of Geneith Pharmaceuticals Limited, You will have to scrap all of the above scenario.

On Wednesday the 9th of September 2015, he celebrated his birthday and it was not a high octave celebration as one would expect from a man of his status. Instead, he took a trip down to the East, to Onitsha to be precise where he grew up to celebrate his birthday.
Instead of lavishing in 5 star hotels or throwing a ‘talk of the town’ party to celebrate, he quietly settled for the Mother of Christ Compassionate Love, Oguta Road, Onitsha. An Organization run by Reverend Sisters of the Catholic Church. It is an old people’s home, motherless babies home and also home for pregnant teenagers and also where unwanted babies, incest and HIV/AIDS children are taken care of. Also present as guests were residents from the Vulnerable Peoples Care Centre Amawbia, Awka. He spent the whole day sharing love gifts and words of encouragement with them.

This is a lesson in humility and putting others first before self.

This is wishing the CEO God’s continuous and abundant blessings.

CEO's Birthday celebration

CEO of Geneith Pharm. Ltd’s Birtday celebration.











CEO, Geneith Pharm Ltd's birtday celebration









































Written by Pharm. Emeka Nwachukwu. Ag. DGM Sales and Marketing, Geneith Pharmaceuticals Limited

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