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As most ladies would have realized, the menstrual journey is not usually a smooth one; there are periods of irregular menses in the early stages, period of “hold ups” either due to pregnancy, medical issues etc; periods of apprehension and bumpiness in the journey sometimes represented by infertility when the woman prays the next menses should not come just as converse is true for those who felt disappointed with “missing period”.

Anyhow the journey goes, it has a definite starting point – the menarche, which is the medical terminology for the first menses, and a definite terminal point when menses ceases to flow altogether – the menopause. which actually refers to the last menstrual “flow”

The menopause is the the last menstrual period of a woman. However, beyond the cessation of menses, menopause is generally viewed as the time of life leading up to, and after, the last menstrual period.. Thus to some, it is referred to as the change of life.


Physiologically speaking, menopa...

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