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urine therapy

To What extent can you go in achieving good health? With numerous reports of one ailment or the other springing up here and there, just when you think you have seen them all. There...

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Home remedies

Raphael lay down in his room in total darkness. He had drawn the curtains closed and  made sure no lights were seeping into the room through the windows. As he lay there on his bed, he silently prayed the severe pain at the side of his head would go away. This was the longest period the pain has lasted, four days  straight. He sighed. Raphael’s mind went back to that fateful day it all started 10 years ago.

Four of his friends Nelson, Chris, Ola and Solomon had come to his house to watch the match featuring their favorite clubs. The game had just started and as usual they began to argue on scores and the best players in the game. Suddenly without warning, Raphael felt a severe throbbing at the side of his head. He let out a scream startling his friends. He continued screaming .”Am dying o . Am dying o” Confused , his friends asked what was wrong. All efforts to get him to talk was to no avail as Raphael kept screaming and then he passed out.

When he regained consciousness he found he was in  hospital and his friends around him with no smiles on their faces.  Raphael let out a weak smile and whispered ” So i didn’t die after all” His friends Scowled at him just then the doctor came in.Raphael was diagnosed with Migraine …….


A migraine headache  causes i...

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