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Geneith Pharmaceutical Limited is at it again! This is just so unbelievable!!


This is just unbelievable!  Geneith Pharmaceutical  Limited your number one  vibrant and result oriented pharmaceutical marketing Company is at it again.Its not just unbelievable , it is also a reality! Unbelievable price slashes!

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Rheumatoid arthritis

Its Friday evening ,Mrs Woods has just returned from work. Immediately she steps into the house,she  drops her hand bag on the couch in the living room and set to preparing the evening meal . she washed the fresh vegetables she had bought from the market on her way home and rinses the cutting board then begins to slice the vegetables. Half way into slicing she begins to feel this burning pain creeping slowly up her fingers ,into her wrists moving up her elbows. Mrs woods shakes her hand rotates her wrists ,shifts her position and then resumes her slicing but her stiff  fingers just refused to continue the slicing disobeying her almost as if they have a will of their own. Mrs woods drops the knife and stares helplessly at the half cut vegetables . This is not the first time this is happening , just last week the same experience had happened at the office while she was working at her computer leaving her with severe pain and puffy fingers. She picks up her knife ignoring the burning pain that has now lodged in her shoulders and begins to force her body to work as it should . Thinking her enemies must be at work,they must have known somehow that she had planned on preparing a very delicious meal for her husband and they are now trying to stop her? never! she began to whisper prayers binding and loosing every strong hold of her  “enemy” that had captured her fingers , wrist and elbow and now her shoulder.It was in th...

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Physical activity : Medicine for healthy living

Most times  chaotic situations and the stress life throws at you gets your body over worked and thus needs to be maintained through regular exercise. For instance if you do not maintain your car , there is an increased possibility that it will stop working . Similarly , if you do not exercise your body, it will slowly stop working and cannot function the way you want it to.

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